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The optimization of a feeding program’s efficiency, of a formulation, of specific norms and/ or of the use of specialty ingredients, requires a thorough knowledge of the farm, of the animals’ environment, and of the objectives.

Our team is made of nutritionists and veterinarians who know farming well. They spend half of their time on farm. They conduct farm audits in order to better adapt the formulation and the use of feed additives according to a given context.

This service is available to our client-partners. It is offered in France and abroad, where farming practices are often very different; thus it leads our experts to adapt feeding formula and the way to use our feed specialties.

Also, these audits can be strengthened with diagnostic tools. These tools are available to the nutritionists of our partners, in order to make the zootechnical expertise deeper, and help to offer efficient solutions to the end user, for better and more profitable farming outputs.