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In the name ‘Idena’, there is Innovation first

labo 2At Idena, Research and Development is the cornerstone of nutritional innovations. They are created to meet the requirements and expectations of farm problematic and objectives.


Most of our innovations stem from farms tests, before becoming additives that are used in feed formulation. They are consolidated by trials in experimental stations, under different conditions following accurate protocols.


Idena’s R & D team is the foundation for the development of our concepts and innovations. The team works closely with Idena’s technical services, universities and research centers, and is dedicated to our customers and distributors.


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More than 20 trainees from college come to Idena every year. They enrich the company and contribute in developing new ideas.


Our trials in public and private experimental stations are the guarantee of the results’ neutrality and objectivity. More than 12 experimental stations have already conducted protocols for Idena.


Pilot farms are also part of our product development network. They help to strengthen the technical records and keep proving the effectiveness of our products.





Our fundamentals:

Our fundamentals

  • We believe that regularity of farm results is a guarantee of the effectiveness of a product or/and feeding program.
  • We believe that there are no miracle products, but we rather believe in a good product positioning, that would make a difference in a specific context.
  • We believe that alternatives to conventional products are the pillars of future,
  • We believe that the creation of intelligent products require a good knowledge of nutrition, animals and livestock.
  • We believe that the synergy of assets is a guarantee of farm results optimization.