the animal nutrition, naturally innovative

labo 3Since the antibiotic arsenal does not evolve as fast as diseases, it is urgent to preserve its effectiveness. This is several plans to fight against antibiotic resistance have been implemented in animal production systems. For example, since 2010, France promotes a prudent use of antibiotics: the Eco-antibiotic 2017 national plan targets a 25% reduction of their use within 5 years.

Thus, if we request feed manufacturers and farmers to get slowly rid of antibiotics, we must offer them alternatives.

With twenty years of anticipation on these concerns, IDENA explored sustainable alternatives, in order to ensure safety, quality of animal products, food chain safety, environmental protection and human health.





Idena’s expertise in demedication

By combining specific molecules and active ingredients of plants, seeking synergies between these assets, the developed alternatives and their results are very conclusive.

Also, in this perspective of demedication, Idena factory set up a white line to manufacture premix and innovative specialties, free of any medication.