the animal nutrition, naturally innovative

Depending on the species, a large part of the nutrients ingested by the animals is not digested. The room for improvement is important; this is one of the main concerns of Idena scientists.


viandeIncrease feed efficiency is one of the major levers of potential improvement in the profitability of farms.


In poultry, the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) varies from 1.6 to 3 kg of feed per kilogram of body weight.


In pigs, the FCR goes from 2.6 to 3.


In beef, the FCR varies from 5 to 10 kilogram of feed per kilogram of body weight.


Each point of FCR improvement directly translates into an increase of farmers' income.



Idena’s expertise in feed efficiency

  • Increasing the efficiency of energy thanks to a better assimilation,
  • Reducing the total cost of protein by making better use of the proteins’ raw materials and fodder,
  • Substituting expensive nutrient sources with more economical raw materials, while maximizing animal performance.


This is Idena’s know-how.


Our innovative products, associated with our recommendations of feed or TMR formulations, enable a better feed efficiency of energy and protein, in ruminants ‘rations, or in monogastrics’ (pigs and poultry) concentrated feeds.