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To promote prolificacy, fertility and hatching for better quantitative performance and qualitative!

Prolificacy, fertility and hatching are essential criteria for farming profitability in the short and long term.



IDENA 37Prolificacy of sows and performance of piglets

In swine production, hyperprolific lines have been widely spread, and led to increase the number of total born piglets. Unfortunately, the number of weaned piglets did not increase in the same proportions.

This is partly explained by the conditions of intra-uterine development, slow and delicate phase, during which the nutritional requirements of the gestating sow are specific. However, the survival, the size, the uniformity and the viability of piglets is determined at this stage. It is also performance of future fatteners at stake.

Thus, Idena has developed an innovative feed specialty, FolicoF, that combines an optimal number of total born, with a strong and homogeneous litter. (lien)



oeufsOptimal hatching, one key of poultry farms’ profitability

Chick quality is closely related to health immune and nutritional status of the breeders. The improvement of the number of hatched eggs is a major factor of hatcheries competitiveness.

For such purpose, Idena offers Eclo’stim. It has a very positive effect on embryo’s development and viability thanks to its anti-oxydant properties and to its participation to embryo metabolism (skeleton, shell quality and biochemical reactions).



IDENA 174Ruminants fertility for smooth farm operations

Reproduction is a driving force of ruminant livestock. Management of the herd, environment of the farm, but also feed and nutrition strongly influence reproduction performance.

Through its concepts and products, Idena participates to optimize fertility and reproduction performance of the livestock, by favoring a balanced diet (energy, protein, minerals, vitamins), with neither excess nor deficiency. For example, Vertan® acts on the excess of degradable proteins, in order to maximize chances of insemination and stimulate heat cycle. Parallely, Reprolac® improves ovulation performance of ruminants. Also, specific minerals to reproductive cows can be designed thanks to our à la carte solution Duos’mine. Finally, we work on the energy deficit at the beginning of lactation, in order to improve the recovery of body condition and a good heat cycle, with the supplementation of Valkalor.