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One key factor of profit for a pig, poultry, or cattle producer is the carcass quality of its animals; whose measurable parameters are:

  • Weight of the carcass, of the breasts filet,
  • Back fat thickness, abdominal fat,
  • Lean meat, percentage of lean (Taux de Muscle des Pièces - TMP),
  • Kilo grows,
  • Color and texture of the meat tissues.


To work on this carcass quality improves the profitability of the whole feed and food chains, and ensures the competitiveness of the industry: increased producers’ income, profitable slaughterhouses, and consumers’ satisfaction.



A comprehensive approach for optimal results

Our nutritional approach is to formulate a feed that is the closer possible to the physiological requirements of the animals at a given stage of growth and environment. In addition to this work, IDENA pushes the effectiveness of feed nutrients by developing active ingredients that enhances the limits livestock:

  • For fattening swine,Vali MP is one nutritional solution that overcomes the physiological trends of fattening pigs to deposit more back fat and less lean from 70kg; thus significantly improving the quality and weight of the carcass, without compromising fatteners’ growth.
  • In ruminant, Viandi is our alternative to growth promoters: it dramatically improves ADG, reduces IC and improves meat color and texture;
  • For layers, Pontiplus enhances eggshell quality, which tends to gets more fragile after 45 weeks of laying. Pontiplus lengthens the laying period and maintains the downgrading rate of eggs at a low level.