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Protein by-pass in ruminants, and especially for high yielding cows, increases milk production and milk proteins. The most interesting phases for using it is during the beginning of lactation and in herds with high-yielders. However, the right ration balance for those cows necessarily must involve a good rumen environment.


The ratio between rumen proteins and by-pass proteins should be close to 3/5, hence an objective of 40% by-pass proteins for a 30L dairy cow.


IDENA 134Vertan in dairy cows, to make the protein more efficient

Formalin, largely used in France, is an effective technology of protein treatment to increase by-pass and amino acids in ruminants’ intestine. However, Vertan is the first product, made of botanical extracts and essential oils, to challenge formalin, with comparable results, even superiors.


If formalin directly work on protein meals through a bond with raw materials’ proteins, Vertan acts on all the proteins ingested by the animal, even those coming from forages. Thus, the efficacy of Vertan versus formalin is potentially on a double quantity of proteins.

Two series of official trial at AgroParisTech university in France have been conducted in order to compare Vertan to formalin treatment.
Large-scale trials have also been realized on field. More than 70 farms have been closely surveyed, during 5 months, on a On/ Off protocol Vertan/ Formalin. Results of Vertan groups were sometimes superiors to formalin groups.

In pratical term, since its international patent in 1997, Vertan has slowly replaced formalin treatment of major feed millers, in France and abroad. The loyalty of its users conclusively demonstrates its efficacy.