the animal nutrition, naturally innovative

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Plants are immobile organisms that need to protect themselves against external aggressions: their organs accumulate and secrete secondary metabolites that are very effective. This is why science has apprehended more systematically the traditional use of these plants extracts for zootechnical purposes.


Thus, since its creation, IDENA values the active ingredients of plants (derived botanical extracts, essential oils, spices, seaweed ...) and uses these natural components in synergy, in order to build on the growth performance of the food. There are several and specific objectives:

  • Work on the microbiota, for improved digestion and animal performance,
  • Maximizing the benefits of feed raw materials’ nutrients,
  • Antibacterial, antimicrobial, bacteriostatic, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant activities,
  • Immunostimulant properties,
  • Anti-methanogenic properties,
  • Alternatives to growth factors, beta-agonists, formalin,
  • Stimulation of appetite and feed intake.



A dual expertise: use of botanical extracts, benefit of animals

The enlightened use of powerful phytogenic molecules requires a sharp expertise of the animal and the farm, as well as precision work on plants:

  • The plant extracts are made of a mixture of different molecules; so it is paramount to rigorously identify effective molecules for targeted action,
  • Also, the high variability of active ingredients contents (according to species, variety, organ of the plant, geographical origin, day and night variations ...) implies a thoughtful selection.


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The validation of the action of plants on animals, at an efficient and cost-effective dose, is then conducted by the nutritionists and formulators. This is done thanks to a comprehensive knowledge of the triptych: nutrition, animal physiology and farm management.


Thus, by Thus, by combining its expertise in natural ingredients to the services of the firm Service 1 (formulation, field support, farm audit ...), IDENA creates and offers natural feed additives, focused on a specific problematic.


The zootechnical performances are measured, in vitro and in vivo, through an independent international network of experimental partners. In parallel, the efficiency of our actives also involves the validation of their technical interest.