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We consider our job on a trio of three fundamental pillars: Knowledge of Nutrition, knowledge of the Animal and of farming techniques.


Associated to these skills, our know-how lies in the development of nutritional standards, of feed and feed additives formulation specifications, that are adapted to each and every zootechnical context..


This expertise is available to our partners-clients, feed millers, distributors, feed industry. The strength of this combination Animal science – Feed additives, stems from our will to optimize the animal response and the efficacy of our solutions.





The knowledge of the raw materials and of the feed formulation is the heart of our job. They convey our expertise on farm through our nutritional standards and balances, and our additives.


Our team of formulation specialist is dedicated to our partners and to the markets. They work in synergy with our nutritionists, as well as the operators who work in the feel manufacturing plants: formulators, purchasers, production managers, quality managers, nutritionists.



While respecting the independence of the feed miller, our formulation specialists ensure :

  • Ingredients and raw materials’ markets surveillance and studies of interests of new raw materials.
  • Surveillance of raw materials and formulation matrices,
  • The elaboration of specific nutritional standards, with the nutrionists. Several international standards models are considered.

  • The set up of control plans for the partners-clients,
  • The formulation, internal or decentralized, towards the permanent search of the technico-economic optimum,
  • Support and online formulation
  • Organizational audit of the schemes and circuits: ‘formulation-factory’ at our partners-clients.



An ongoing work to optimize the use of feed nutrients by the animals.

The nutritional standards for feed formulation of poultry and swine are one major expression of the breeding performance.

Idena develops the formulation of nutritional standards from its internal research, from bibliography, and from its field experience.

Specific ratios of nutrients are also available. They aim at optimizing nutrients’ digestion and at improving production costs.

These standards are structured in nutritional programs. They can adapt to each farming context, to genetics and to specific environments.




Idena is accredited as official training organization and offers its partners-clients customized trainings suitable to each requirement..





Idena’s laboratory is equipped with a near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) that enables us to analyze raw materials or finished products of our partners-clients, but also to provide calibration of analytical equations to those equipped with NIR.


For chemical analysis, Idena has a partnership with a Cofrac-certified laboratory.