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Adaptability and efficiency ! 

ID'AFIX is a range of Idena products, in order to reduce the pressure of mycotoxins in feed and in rations, in order to maintain high production levels.
ID'AFIX range is made of a common basis: lamellar aluminosilicate three-dimentionnal aluminosilicate, very rich in clinoptilolite, with a very thine size of particles of an optimal captation + plants extracts with synergistic action.
A cationic surface treatment in order to bin non polar mycotoxins.
Proved binding efficiency against Aflatoxins, DON, ZEA and Ochratoxin, reinforced by zootechnical trials.
In powder, to mix in feed, or to use directly in farms.
Use for all animal species: poultry, swine and ruminants.