the animal nutrition, naturally innovative


Animal welfare, quality of the animal products and natural alternatives are the main line of innovation of our poultry department. Here are some examples of products :




EVOLIT, for broilers

Positively influences the intestinal microbiota and decreases feces humidity.
Enables to maintain high densities of birds per m² while respecting their welfare.
Improved litter quality, control of footpad dermatitis
Better zootechnical results.




poulet 1 fotoliaFORCIX POULTRY, for broilers

Natural alternative that targets the intestine and caecum of broilers
Association of botanical extracts and selected natural extracts
Zootechnical performance similar to conventional products.
No withdrawal delay.






oeufsPONTIPLUS, for layers

Improves eggshell quality and internal egg membrane, from the beginning of its synthesis
More eggs to market, because less downgraded.
Increase of the laying period.