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IDENA has focused its Research and Development by working on every nutritional imbalance with a specific product. So the efficiency is higher.
Thanks to this choice of specificity according to nutritional contexts, Idena customizes and adapts its solutions, for a more efficient response.





Increases intestinal or by-pass proteins levels from all the components of the ration.
Association of selected essential oils and exclusive patented blend of botanical extracts,
Scientifically proven efficiency versus formalin treatment of proteins.





Improves the conversion of the energy of the feed into available glucose.
Association of botanical extracts and selected natural active ingredients.
More milk (until +2L per cow per day), more milk fat. More growth. Better rumen comfort, less nutritional disorders due to an acid rumen pH.





Makes the most of forages and of the fibrous fraction of the feeds.
Better rumen comfort thanks to an higher digestibility of the fiber
More milk.






Cornerstone of the solutions to convert enteric methane into more milk, of better quality.
Increases feed efficiency. More milk (Until 2L extra milk), +50% CLA , more Omega 3, -18% methane.
Association of botanical extracts, essential oils, algae.
Scientifically proven efficacy, with SF6 method; and approved by the field.





Alternative to growth promoter, for beef and ovine cattle
Rich of more than 10 years wide use, under very various breeding and feeding systems
Enhances zootechnical performance (increase of ADG until +300g, better FCR)
Improves meat quality (color, texture)




Highly available, efficient and instantaneous energy !

Two different forms of energetic precursors. High concentration of active ingredients.
Both additives are sources of highly available energy, in order to face metabolic disorders and increase milk production during peri-partum period.
Milkose and GL Part 100 prevent ketosis risks and enable a good expression of lactation.
In powder, to mix in feed, or to use directly in farms.
Use at 100 to 300g per cow per day.
Can be used for goats and dairy ewes.