the animal nutrition, naturally innovative

In swine as well, Idena approach is innovative. Indeed, instead of considering the usual 160-180 days of farming, Idena prefers to work on 300 days fattening period. Bibliography and experience show that a large part of the future fattening pig’s performance is determined from its status of embryo. Hence the following program of nutritional specialties:





FOLICO F for gestating sows

Targets embryo development in gestation, to improve the performance of the litter.
More total born piglets
Improvement of the weight and homogeneity of the litter.







FORCIX Range, in lactation phase

Targets the intestinal microbiota of sows or piglets, in order to fight against specific types of piglets diarrhea after birth.
Association of botanical extracts and selected natural ingredients.
Convenience of use
Complete range: exists as a powder to feed to the sow around farrowing, and exists in liquid either for the sow, or for the piglet directly.







ValiMP, pour les porcs charcutiers

ValiMP, for fattening pigs

Improves the weight and quality of the carcass of fattening pigs.
Limits deposition of back fatness,
Better lean percentage
Increased slaughter weight