the animal nutrition, naturally innovative

IDENA 134Idena is an independent company owned by its employees. This is a sign of dynamism, commitment, and listening strength to the customer; values that we grow since the establishment of the company. Our motivation is the passion for our job in animal nutrition, and for the innovation. 



Our work :

IDENA : Innovation et Développement En Nutrition Animale

In this changing world, our company aim is to innovate, BY DEVELOPING NEW TYPES OF ANIMAL FEED, improving technical and economic performance whilst caring for the environment and animal welfare, and generating quality feed products for each industry sector (feed manufacturers, food industry, etc).

With a number of species-specific expert consultants, the IDENA Group is made of companies that focus on R & D, animal nutrition and production of premixes, bases and innovative specialties.






Our history :

Idena 2Born in 1995, in a complicated context of "mad cow crisis" in Europe, IDENA integrated in its genes the need for innovation and alternative ingredients, in order to offer the feed and food industry healthier and more secure solutions.


In 2002, after having structured the foundations of its R & D, IDENA builds its manufacturing unit in Pontchâteau (France, 44), by imagining a process that is unique and very different from traditional premix and feed additives factories. The objective is the same: to offer the market safer and secure industrial facilities.


The 2000’s are the years of the internationalization of the Group's business.


Today, IDENA serves hundreds partners-clients : feed millers, actors of the feed industry, that are in France and abroad (presence in more than 35 countries on the 5 continents).