the animal nutrition, naturally innovative

labo 1For our innovative feed ingredients :

Since its creation in 1995, in a context which demanded more secure solutions to the feed industry, IDENA has created and developed innovative solutions, which are alternatives to conventional chemical and antibiotic products. They are adapted to specific nutritional objectives in ruminant, swine and poultry..




For our expertise in nutrition :

A dedicated team of animal nutritionists specialised by species, of veterinarians, of formulation specialists provide their know-how to our clients feed millers, integrators, to the feed industry....




For our technical positioning :

At the crossroad between Nutrition and Feed specialties, IDENA offers an original approach to Animal Nutrition, thanks to its in-depth expertise of the animal nutritional requirements, of the available raw materials, but also of specific active ingredients (such as essential oils, botanical extracts, algae, micro nutrients, enzymes, etc, that are used in most of our innovative feed additives range, and that enable to enhance feed efficiency)..




IDENA 24For its unique and flexible manufacturing process

IDENA factory has been designed according to a specific concept : “ move the mixer towards the ingredients, rather than the ingredients to the mixer”.





IDENA 103Without any pipes or transfer system, ultra-secured, IDENA factory enables to control perfectly the 4 pillars of feed additives manufacturing: :

  • No cross-contaminations: dedicated movable containers, washing of the containers after each batch of manufacturing, white line without any additives....
  • Total traceability, also buck raw materials
  • Homogeneity, including with ingredients of variable presentations and densities.
  • Stability of the finished products: Idena is dedicated to making sure interactivity between the actives in the mixer is the best, in order to ensure finished products’ stability.




For our experience in export :

Present in more than 35 countries on the 5 continents, Idena teams are multilingual, and provide to each geographical area a specialist’s perspective, who can adapt rapidly to the specificities of each context..




For our reactivity and our human size :

Idena is close to its clients, in France and abroad. Experts are close to the field, in order to adapt and defend their choice of formulation, feed programs and additives in order to satisfy each link in the feed chain.